Fortnite For Android Comes To 15 Million Downloads

Epic Games has apparently not hurt Google’s Play Store: According to its own data, the APK was downloaded by Fortnite for Android 15 million times. The security team in turn has a lot to do with fake websites offering malware called Fortnite.

According to developer Epic Games, the Android version of Fortnite has about 23 million players just over a month after the official launch. These are distributed over 15 million installed games, as the software studio announced in a blog post.

Epic Games does not offer its game through Google Play Store , but only through its own website. In view of this, the number of users is not bad; Tencent’s Pubg Mobile competitor has over 50 million downloads but more users in the Play Store. This game has been available for some time.

Among other things, Epic Games decided to bypass the Play Store for financial reasons. So the developer does not need to give 30 percent of the revenue to Google. Instead, players download the game directly from Epic Games.

The team claims to face the challenge of protecting future users from malware. Since launching Fortnite for Android, Epic Games has investigated 47 cases of unauthorized Fortnite websites. These pages are under addresses intended to suggest to players that this is Epic Games’ original website. Downloaded but then not Fortnite for Android, but a malicious software.

In late August 2018, a security vulnerability in the installer of Fortnite was known, which was spiked by Google developers discovered. The installer checked to see if it was an original Fortnite file, but did not check it on the device. An attacker would have been able to exchange or manipulate the APK file after downloading and verifying the file and securing the rights that Fortnite intended.