The following are typical questions which might occur to you. Our answers can be found by clicking on the particular question of interest and following the link. We have endeavoured to be comprehensive, however, should any other occur to you, please select an e-mail link and send us your query. We will reply as so on as possible.

The reproductions we regularly paint:

We can paint reproductions of most well-known and some lesser-known European artists, also some American artists, subject to their work being out of copyright (refer to the final question on this list). The following is a list of original artists in our standard catalogue. Click here for the artist list

How our paintings are produced:

Our reproductions are hand-painted, each one by an artist specialising in the relevant subject matter and knowledgeable about the paints, technique and even brushstrokes of the original artist. This level of accomplishment of course requires years of study, training and experience, usually commencing at an 'Ecole des beaux arts'. They are not reproduced by machine (as 'canvas transfers') or other artificial or lesser skilled means such as tracing. This means that we can endeavour to reproduce some of the feel, spirit and life of the original. They are painted on high quality European canvas. See our Info section for further details.

Our paintings are supplied unframed:

This is for several reasons. Firstly, you will undoubtedly wish to choose a frame to fit in with the decor of your own home, and also at a price suited to your pocket - and the range of available frames is very great, and so are the price ranges. Secondly, the mailing and insurance costs of delivering a framed painting would be prohibitively expensive and disproportionate to the cost of the unframed painting - even with careful packaging, it is our experience that frame edges can be damaged in transit. There are usually several picture framers in each town and we recommend you take the unframed canvas to one who is experienced in framing oil paintings and have it first stretched and then mounted into a frame of your choice.

Our unconditional guarantee:

We want you to be a satisfied customer and come back and purchase more from our studios. We therefore make you an unconditional cast-iron guarantee that, when ordering any of the items from our standard catalogue, if you are not fully delighted with our work or in the unlikely event that there are any deficiencies or errors with which you are unhappy, you can return the canvas to us within 15 days and in good condition either for correction at our expense or for a full refund of the purchase price, including our shipping charge (pro rata in the case of a partial order return). The full guarantee is provided for your peace of mind on each order form. Note that we do not refund your return shipping cost.

How and when your painting will be delivered:

Your painting will be delivered by registered and insured postage (or by a carrier where necessary to provide the appropriate guaranteed delivery and insurance cover). The canvas will be packaged in a secure and rigid postal tube for its protection. Don't worry - new unframed canvases travel well! However, we keep our delivery charges as low as possible by absorbing some of the cost ourselves. Occasionally we are able to deliver popular items from stock, therefore delivery would take less than a fortnight to most destinations. However, most often we are painting to order and so, in these circumstances, please allow approximately 10 to 12 weeks from receipt by us of your order - a newly painted canvas can take a long time to dry thoroughly! Whatever the situation with your painting, we will advise you accordingly and you can enquire as to its progress at any time.

Methods of payment:

We accept cheques in Pounds Sterling and US dollars (see the relevant price lists). We will soon also be accepting payment in the new Euro. However, for international orders, by far the most convenient method is by credit card. Please note that, in the case of credit card payments, we can only accept payment in US Dollars at the Dollar amount stated in our Gallery price listings. For customers outside the USA, this will mean that your card company will convert the dollar amount to your local currency at the prevailing rate at the time (typically the interbank Dollar 'purchase' rate + 2%). Due to a time delay between us charging your card and it being debited to your account, this might mean that there will be a small variation in the amount when it is converted back to your local currency and shown on your statement. We do not charge your credit card until your painting is ready for dispatch, and in the case of orders for multiple items where they are, at our discretion, shipped at different times, the appropriate amount for each painting together with a proportion of the total shipping charge will be charged prior to each shipment. Your card details, as with all other client information,will of course always be treated as totally confidential.

Where we deliver:

We accept orders for delivery worldwide. No matter where you live, we will find the most appropriate means of safe delivery to your address. Although please note that we are normally unable to deliver to post office box numbers. If this is a problem, please contact us to discuss the most suitable delivery means for your situation.

Painting commissions:

We would be pleased to receive your commissions to reproduce your favourite oil paintings. In many cases the cost to you will not be too much higher than our standard catalogue prices for similar works. Please note however that copyright subsists on all original works until 70 years after the artist's death for European artists and 50 years for artists from other Continents. This means that in the case of many more recent paintings, copyright clearance may need to be sought, or indeed may not be available. However,in general, please let us know if there is that special work which you require and we will be pleased to investigate the possibilities for you.