Search Hints

Before using the search facility Searching
- Avoid using minor words (articles, conjunctions, etc) such as 'the', 'of', 'a', 'de'. For example, instead of typing 'the birth of venus', just type 'birth venus'.
- Where possible, particularly when confusion might arise, avoid the use of artists' first names. For example, instead of typing 'gustave caillebotte', just type 'caillebotte'. This will avoid the listing of artists with the same or similar first names (such as Klimt).
- Note that the search facility does tend to be tollerant as to spelling and contains a database of many sound-alike names, however please do try to be as accurate as possible.
- Note that no distinction is made between upper- and lower-case letters, therefore the use of capital letters is unnecessary.
Viewing the whole gallery

If you have plenty of time to spend, the whole of our published collection can be viewed from start to finish by vlicking on the GALLERY button near the top left corner of the screen and simply using the navigation buttons at the bottom of each screen to move backwards and forwards through the collection.

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