A personal message from the artists and staff at Arcadian Galleries

Dear website visitor,

This site currently receives about 3000 visitors each day. Many are art lovers from around the world. Many are students or professional researchers. There are even a significant number of potential clients! But there are also a large number who come to take our photographs for their own use - on websites, for PC wallpaper, even competitors taking them or linking to them claiming them to be their own. Yes, there are websites taking our photographs, even retaining our unique reference numbers, and calling them their own.

To date we have done little to prohibit these activities. There are many technological solutions we could adopt to deter this, but each with its own drawbacks in terms of limiting the benefit of our site for the significant majority of our visitors who we know are entirely ethical. Therefore we are still not overtly watermarking our images as do the sites selling posters. All we have recently done is to limit the amount of "hot linking" to our most sough-after images, thereby reducing our bandwith costs.

Who was it that said "immitation is the sincerest form of flattery" ?

So, we write not to complain.

However, in the interests of you - our clients and potential clients, we should advise you that in fact our paintings are not available through any other online company - only through this site,, and that of our gallery in France,

Nor do we source any of our paintings in the Far East - a fact contrary to what many Asian painting dealers and factories would have you believe whilst enticing you to buy from them with the lurr of minimal prices for "museum quality" art. As stated elsewhere on this site, our paintings are all created in Europe by artists totally familiar with the original works and not simply copying out of books or from tiny photographs with incorrect colours.

This brings us to an important point: the question of prices ...

Why our paintings are so expensive !

From time to time a potential customer will ask us "why are your paintings so expensive ?" (when compared with many online galleries).

Before providing a detailed answer to this question - here and now on the internet, for all the world to see - let's just consider what "expensive" really is. That is to say in the context of reproduction art, not in that of buying original items, where price knows no limit and no reason.

The photographs alongside are of our art gallery near the French Riviera. It is set up as a separate company and therefore has all the costs of a typical bricks-and-mortar business - rent, staff, insurance, local taxes ...

And it sells exactly the same paintings as shown on this site - only framed. Take a look at their site here:


Did you take a look at the prices in their catalogue? Yes, they are given in Euros. At today's rate of exchange 1 Euro equals about US$ 1.25. Now take a look at our prices listed on this website.Take for example a reproduction of Bouguereau's "Abduction of Psyche". On this site we currently sell the unframed canvas for US$ 475. In our physical store the very same painting sells for 1950 Euros (US$ 2440). No, that's not a date, that's the actual selling price!

That's a difference of US$ 1965 or more than 5 times the price we sell it for on this web site! That's a huge difference. And remember, it's the same painting created by the same artists.

But what is more ... Galleria Antika is the cheapest gallery offering high quality reproductions in the region. Go to Monte-Carlo, Cannes or San Remo in Italy ... or Paris, and expect to pay at least one-and-a-half the price of Galleria Antika. And then ... for an item of noticeably inferior quality. And that's not just our opinion, it's that of our customers too.

Now that is expensive!

So, why don't we simply increase our prices to that level? Perhaps we will - in the future - but right now we are the new boys on the block and prefer to keep our artists fully occupied. And what would you prefer to sell? 10 at $2000 each or 2 at $4000 each? The math is quite simple, and equally applies to our internet sales philosophy.

Cut out the middle man

When you buy a painting from most web galleries, whether or not they also have a bricks-and-mortar presence, you are more than likely buying from a dealer - someone who has bought a painting more often than not from one of the many painting factories in the Far East for, say, $60, framed it and now proposes to sell it for perhaps $300. This is entirely realistic - they have to cover their overheads, which can be high.

But this is not what we do. When buying from Arcadian Galleries you are buying directly from artists in Europe, all of whom are academy trained and who regularly study with the original paintings in front of them on an ongoing basis. We are technically competent and there is absolutely no reason why we can not produce a copy which is very close indeed to the original work, both in detail and finish. And importantly, since our sales and marketing organisation is minimal, most of the money you pay reaches the actual artists who have created your painting.

So when you next consider buying a painting on the internet, ask to see close-up photographs of some of the paintings on offer. If this isn't possible, at least enquire as to the professional training of the painters and where they have studied.

Essentially, try to compare like with like. Whilst there are many excellent artists around the world, if they are not academy trained with regular access to the original works, then it will not be realistically possible for them to paint a faithful reproduction.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important personal message. We wish you well in your search for quality art.

Yours sincerely,

The artists and staff of Arcadian Galleries