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Jean-Leon Gerome

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Jean-Leon Gerome

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Arcadian Galleries
Museum quality oil painting reproductions hand-painted in Europe

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WebMuseum: G�r�me, Jean-L�on
G�r�me, Jean-L�on. G�r�me, Jean-L�on (1824-1904). French painter and sculptor. He was a pupil of Paul Delaroche and inherited his highly finished academic style. ... They won G�r�me great popularity and he had considerable influence as an upholder of academic ...

ARC :: Jean-L�on G�r�me (1824-1904) :: Page 1 of 18
... of their businesses or philosophy. Jean-L�on. G�r�me. French Orientalist painter, draftsman & sculptor ... gallery for an artwork :: Jean-L�on G�r�me. Image courtesy of John Lovelady ...

Jean-Leon Gerome Online
Jean-Leon Gerome [French Academic Painter and Sculptor, 1824-1904] Guide to pictures of works by Jean-Leon Gerome in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. ... Jean Leon Gerome art links. last verified Sept ... 8 works by Jean-Leon Gerome. Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia ...

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